Tuesday, November 25, 2014


As they say that a woman’s best friend is gold, I would say that a student’s best friend is her smart phone. True that technology is often criticized for its negative influence on the younger generation. But, it is equally important.

Too much of anything is always too much!

My smart phone helps me have a very organized and a peaceful student life. Here is how;


I started recording the lectures from this semester (the 2nd semester). In the 1st semester I was so out-of-this-world that I didn’t even know what the lecturer spoke about.

I find it so effective! It is impossible for my brain to hold all the stuff that the lecturer says. I know yours can’t too!

My college doesn’t let us record the lectures, but anyhow I do! I feel that it’s so unfair that they don’t let us record the lectures! Come on. We are not going to sell them right?


Most of the time I forget (or just don’t care) for the minute homework that the lecturer gives like,

“read up on flashbulb memories” or

“write a short essay on the 7 sins of memory”

My phone is my savior at such times. I simply Google it! In a matter of seconds I am equipped with all the bullet points to shoot at the lecturer. Lol. Seriously, this is why I love my phone, everyday!


A dictionary will come handy all the time when you are studying. Big text books, with big words are a night-mare for every student. I use dictionary.com. There are some other dictionary apps too. You can try those. But I am confident with dictionary.com.


Usually in our college all the lecture slides and lecture schedules are mailed to us. So e-mail feature on my phone really helps me quickly browse through the schedule and get updated about assignments, get lecture notes and so on…


I just love whatsapp! No offence viber :) But I think whatsapp is more user friendly. True I like the big and lovely stickers on viber, but whatsapp has something more than viber which attracts me.

This is not just to stay in touch with friends, but also to stay updated with the “class-room-stuff”. We have a class group on whatsapp, where all the important notices are whatsapp-ed as and when anyone gets to know it.

This is a great way to stay in touch with the assignments, projects, case studies or anything. Just in case you forget, someone will remind you…


As same as sticky notes (I love sticky notes btw!) the memo feature in my phone lets me make note of all the h/w and every little stuff that I have to do.


No, I don’t mean photocopying-photocopying! I mean, taking photos of notes. Like when I get absent for a lecture (or to be frank, when I decide to bunk a class) I don’t like to give-up my chit chatting time with friends, to take down notes. Or look like a 'you-know-who' by keeping my face plastered on the books all the time..

This where my smart phone comes in handy. I take photos of my friend’s notes. Simple!

This is also good if you ARE in the class, but just don’t feel like taking down notes. But don’t make it a habit. Taking down notes is a very effective method of studying.


We need to have a break when studying and come on, who on earth would own a smart phone and NOT play games in it? Well I wouldn’t. I am not saying that you should ONLY play mind games like Sudoku or crosswords. But it really helps improve your vocabulary and analytical skills.

This is not a direct way in which my smart phone helps my studies. But Sudoku is a game that I really love and it helps me develop my focusing skills. Focus is very important in everything you do.

I do enjoy crosswords. But Sudoku is just a different thing. I LOVE IT!

P.S Don’t forget to let us know how your smart phone helps you in studies..

And, Oh! Don’t forget angry birds & cut-the-rope. They make you think too :)