Tuesday, November 25, 2014


The BEST thing about studying for me, is a mug of strong black coffee…

Caffeine helps you stay awake and energized to study up all night if you want. But, that Is not all..

Through out the years many studies have been done, to find the relationship between studying and caffeine intake. Some believes that caffeine has negative effects on memory.

But, according to a very recent study done by researcher’s at John Hopkins university, a small amount of about 200mg of Caffeine a day enhances retention of memory. It enhances long term memory.


Once I was reading through a set of comments on a blog post regarding caffeine. And one person had commented saying ‘the article must have been paid by the coffee industry’.

Coffee, as many people mis-interpret, is NOT the only source of caffeine. There are many other sources of caffeine. If being sponsored, that article would have been sponsored even by tea industry or soft drink industry as both tea and soft drinks also has a fair amount of caffeine.

Would you believe me if I told you that your ‘mouth freshener’ had caffeine in it? (Now don’t just guzzle up the mouth fresher! Lol.. I hope you know that it is not a healthy thing, to drink mouth freshener..) Not just that according to health.com’s article there are 12 other weird sources of caffeine like ice-cream & chocolate.


But, unfortunately there is a disorder like that! It’s real.. According to statistics caffeine is one mostly abused drug all over the world.You become dependent on caffeine. Like, addicted? Yes! It’s being addicted to caffeine!! How much I love this.. I once had my phone wallpaper as ‘keep caffeinated and carry on’…

While some people, LIKE ME! shows not many negative effects due to caffeine overdose, for some people it may result in heart conditions and problems in conception. Of course, this will NOT come in if you overdose on caffeine very rarely. But, you get it right?

And, finally a little reminder on me,

Don’t drink more than 400mg a day of caffeine and specially make sure you get a good night’s sleep before exam day or you will not remember a thing! No matter how much the memory stimulants helped you gather up knowledge the whole time…

Hope you enjoyed the article.. Please feel free to share with us what your most preferred mode of caffeine is. Mine is and always will be coffee.. What is yours?